Day 3

Ransomware attacks have been making the headlines in recent months, causing concern for hundreds of thousands of businesses that may fall victim to a malware attack. Unfortunately, countless small and medium-sized businesses operate with unsecured or unmonitored technology, leaving them vulnerable should they experience malware in their network. That is why we are launching our 7 Day Malware Prevention Challenge, a one week challenge to better secure, clean, and shield your computer. Prevent malware hacks, backup your data, strengthen your computer, and minimize your chances of getting hacked. Learn more.

Each day may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Day 3: Install Firewall

What is Firewall?

A firewall is a program that shields your computer from hackers or malware trying to gain information from your business or employees. Implementing a firewall is standard practice for all businesses and recommended for all workstations.

How to Install and Secure Your Firewall – 4 Steps

1. Shop Around For A Secure Firewall

A simple Google search for “Secure Firewalls” will return many results. Do your due diligence in finding the firewall that fits your needs and business. We recommend Sonicwall, as we integrate their firewall with our clients’ network security goals.

Search Secure Firewalls

2. Install Firewall

After purchasing the firewall, simply download their software. After opening the program, follow their instructions on installation. It should be pretty straight forward.

3. Restart Computer

After installation, you will likely need to restart your computer.

4. Run Available Scans

Once your computer has rebooted, click on their icon to open the program. It should indicate that your firewall is on and shielding you from hackers and malware. If the program asks to run any scans, click ‘Run Scan’.

Your computer and network should now be secure! If you need firewall for a complex network, give us a call at (973) 882-4644 for a free network evaluation.

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