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Network Security is Crucial for Every Organization

Network Security is Crucial for Every Organization

Unless you’re a stuntman, avoiding risk is important to your business. Since technology is now central to most businesses, tech-based risks are some of the most important problems business faces.

Business owners and IT administrators need to understand these new risks and how to avoid them.

Ransomware: The Worst-Case Scenario

Consider the absolute worst-case scenario. A hacker gains access to your network and hits you with ransomware. This malware extorts money from your business by encrypting the files you need to do business and demanding money for a decryption key. It’s data kidnapping, and it happens all the time.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper of your files has access to your network. The hacker can access data, plant even more malware, and generally play havoc with your business. Your business can’t function, and your professional reputation could suffer.

Data Breach Nightmare

How would your clients react to finding out that their personal, medical, and/or financial data had been breached? It wouldn’t be good for your business.

A data breach is possibly the worst thing that a business can experience. It damages your reputation and it paralyzes your ability to function effectively. Both of these can hurt incoming revenue, which can also hamstring or even destroy your business.

Avoiding a Business Tragedy

Now that you have considered this nightmare situation, avoid it. Implement an inclusive network security strategy, including software protection and employee training.

Network Security Strategy

Anyone with access to your network should be trained to recognize threats. Educating employees to recognize hacking strategies and other phishing attacks can help you to avoid security breaches. Your network security strategy should also include a top-level firewall. This protects your data if something infiltrates your network.

We Can Help

At Quikteks Tech Support, we understand that these investments can be a lot to handle, but the harsh reality is that you don’t have a choice. With the volume of threats online today, your company’s network security can’t be left unprotected.

Our professional techs can work with your budget to set you up with the security solutions your business needs. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644. Quikteks can help.

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