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Professional And Reliable Computer Support For Construction Firms In NJ & NY.

Computer Tech Support Provider for Architectural & Construction Firms

Professionals who work for architectural or construction firms spend a lot of time out of the office. Their jobs take them to numerous meetings and various construction sites. Therefore, they need reliable technology that will keep them connected and productive when they are in the field. Quikteks specializes in helping businesses meet their unique IT requirements. Having a reliable and secure IT system in place is mandatory for keeping communication streamlined and keeping costs low. Quikteks offers services tailored to the specific needs of construction and architectural firms including managed IT servicesdata backup & disaster recovery, networking, and more. Need tech support for your construction or architectural firm? Call us or request a free quote now.

Mobile Office and Project Site Connectivity

At Quikteks, we use Remote Access to gain entry to your network. This has the dual advantage of boosting your productivity as well as ours. With our technicians monitoring your network 24/7, you no longer have to worry about losing connections, downloading the latest software update, or an intrusion by malware or a hacker. Whether you have multiple business locations or staff that sometimes works from home or the road, we work with you to create a secure connection so you and your employees can easily access their files and software when they need it. Learn more.

Whether we’re installing hardware, organizing the cables in your office or supporting you from a remote location, our goal remains the same: to provide you with the strongest technology available so your business runs efficiently.

Business and Email Continuity

An unexpected IT incident can stop your business in it’s tracks — whether it’s a natural disaster that damages your home office or field sites, or a corrupt file that disrupts your servers. With proper planning, you can prepare for the worst.

Quikteks can help you develop a business continuity plan that is specifically tailored to your unique needs and requirements. By reviewing your existing IT systems and processes, we can identify potential problem areas, and correct them, before they can negatively impact your business. Learn more.

Why Choose Quikteks Tech Support

  • Efficiency - Our skilled techs can monitor and maintain your system, as well as recommend and install the hardware and software you need to grow. We can also train your staff on how to utilize their programs efficiently and implement best security practices.
  • Stability - The more stable the work environment, the more productive your employees will be. With the right software and hardware that is properly maintained, nothing will interrupt the stability and flow of your workplace.
  • Support - Quikteks Tech Support provides 24/7 helpdesk support for your IT infrastructure.

Our skilled technicians are here to help maintain your system and will provide you with the information you need to improve or expand your current IT infrastructure. Quikteks will meet all of your IT needs!

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